Show them how much they are loved.

A fun & hassle-free photography experience for families in the Chicago and Chicagoland area who love adventure and spending time together. 

Cooperative kids


relaxed mamas

You love them...

You adore your family (most days) and want to make sure you remember and document every stage. However, figuring out the right outfits and coordinating ever-changing schedules while worrying if your kids will "cooperate" or if your partner will be patient, well… it can be overwhelming to take the first step.

  • Has a previous family session not gone as planned?
  • Worried about what to wear or that it's not the right time?
  • Concerned your photographer won’t “get” your kids?

Client Stories

The kids had a rough morning, and we weren't sure how it was going to go. We were blown away by Jill's energy and her ability to connect with the kids. My dad doesn't like to be in photos but he clearly had a good time, too.

Jill's a pro!


Jill has photographed all three of our girls since they were born. In a 2012 session our middle daughter, who was 2 at the time, had the biggest tantrum ever. Fakih and I looked at each other and considered calling it quits, but Jill was amazing and gave Eliana the time she needed to calm down.

We've continued to photograph with Jill ever since!

Judy and Fakih

No matter how cranky you or your kids are going into a shoot, Jill brings out the best in you, catches it on camera, and delivers it beautifully in the form of creative and personal photographs that you will treasure forever.

She is the complete package - an amazing photographer and a great person.



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First, we have a consult to talk about your family members (including the furry kids!). We brainstorm ideas for everything from clothing and backgrounds to where you want your custom artwork to go. We create a plan that allows you to achieve all your goals.



We put your vision into action. We'll have snacks ready and set up before you arrive. The lights, the background, and all the fun tricks to get your kids having so much fun they won't realize they're having their portrait taken.



It all comes together in the in-person ordering appointment. We'll project the best images on a large screen and show you what your images will look like on the walls of your home. We make it easy for you to decide on your final art and get excited about your new home decor.

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You deserve to have fun!

Too many parents put off getting their portraits taken because it feels like too much work. They worry they won't make the right wardrobe choices, their kids won't be good listeners, or they won't like their images.

We know that it's only fun IF it's fun. This is why we work with you, step by step, to create a custom session. We remember all the details, so you don't have to. Even dads enjoy our custom portrait experience!

We photograph your silly, serious love and make beautiful, custom art for your home. We capture the quirks and genuine expressions that make your family who they are. We don't just photograph what you look like; we create art of who you are.


Next Steps?

We understand. You know you want family photos but aren't sure about how the process works or what it will cost.

You want to make sure your images will be enjoyed year after year as your family grows and changes, and you want to display them in a way everyone will enjoy.

To learn more about our process and the products we offer, click the link below for our tips on get real smiles from your kids and our latest pricing guide.

Tips & Product Guide


Check out how one family has decorated their home with family portraits over 10 years.

I want to create art for my home, tell me how!

I'm Jill, the lead photographer and owner of jookie. I love working with kids and creating art, which is what jookie is about. 

I often get asked how I came up with the name jookie. I named my studio after my oldest niece's pet guinea pig. It lends itself to the idea that portraits should be FUN and make you SMILE each time you look at them.

I believe kids are the coolest people on the planet, and all children should have their images displayed as art on their family's walls. Kids love to see themselves in photos. It builds self-esteem at critical developmental stages and shows them they are loved. I also think the portrait process should be simple and easy for parents.

With an art degree from Northwestern (go, Wildcats!), I love capturing a family's love for each other and giving each family unique artwork to celebrate that love every day. 

It's also important to me to help support the work of amazing organizations like our local food pantries, Saving tiny Hearts Society, Chicago Library Foundation, I Grow Chicago, and The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights to name just a handful of the non-profits we've held photo fundraisers for since jookie opened in 2006.

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