Protect your home with Amabie | Free Coloring Page | japanese folklore | Chicago Family Photographer

Protect your home with Amabie | Free Coloring Page | japanese folklore | Chicago Family Photographer

Passover ends at sunset tonight. It began last week, Thurs, April 9th.

It's a very powerful and frightening story, and at one point a "Passover offering" is made to God, where the blood of a lamb is sprinkled on the doorposts of every Israelite home so that God will pass over these homes when he comes to take harm on the Egyptians, one of ten plagues they suffered.

Another story about protection from plague comes from Japanese folkore. Amabie is a yōkai (spirit) with long hair, scales, a beak, and 3 legs.

According to popular lore, the creature appeared one day and predicted the future to a passerby - both a good harvest and a coming plague. The spirit instructed the passerby to share drawings of it to keep sickness at bay, and thus the image of Amabie spread.

Here is a jookie version of Amabie that my awesome designer Emily created for your kiddos to color, or to inspire their own version. Once they've decorated or created theirs, tape it to a door or wall in your home and take a photo to share with us.

Kids and parents are all encouraged to be in the photos, too! I always love seeing your smiling faces!

Upload it to social media and tag jookie on Facebook or Instagram, and make sure it's public so I can see it (or that we're friends or following each other).

You can also email your photo to me if you are not on social media, but please note that I may share photos to the jookie social media unless you ask me specifically not to.

I will add all participating households into a drawing to select a random winner of a $50 gift card to Lincoln Square's fabulous local bookstore The Book Cellar.

These contests are a way for jookie to help support other local small businesses during this challenging time, and I hope to do as many of them as the budget allows. I also hope it will encourage others to purchase gift cards and make online purchases to keep supporting a great book shop like The Book Cellar. Suzy, the owner, can have the order sent safely and directly from her distributors to your home.

Tag jookie with your photo or email it to me by Friday, May 1st.

To print copies at home, go to

If you don't have a printer, I will happily mail you some! Don't hesitate to let me know, I've already got a bunch printed and ready to go out.

May this Amabie bring continued safety and health to your home, whether you decide to wear pajamas today or every day. ;-)

PS For more free coloring pages created by Emily, head to her website where you can find some beautiful drawings of tigers, elephants, sharks, and more.

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