Chicago Snow Sessions | Lake, Park, Backyard | Lincoln Square Family Photographer

Chicago Snow Sessions | Lake, Park, Backyard | Lincoln Square Family Photographer

When I was in Dallas the other week for an international photography convention (near-future blog post about that coming soon!), I got to meet Sara Rostotski, my fellow assistant coach for our mentor Sarah Petty's Peak Performance Coaching Program. We quickly decided we were Friends for Life.

One of the reasons we instantly connected was because we both love snow. Sara's photography studio is in her hometown where she lives with her husband and young daughters - in St. John's, which is the capital of the Canadian province of Newfoundland. On average, they get over 10 feet of snow per year. Swoon!!!

We are already making plans for me to visit in 2021 (because I'm aiming for New Zealand in 2020!) and for sure getting some snowboarding in.

Sara shared with how she regularly has snow sessions because it's just so normal there to be out in the snow. From a recent January blizzard, they got 30 inches! They have snow practically every month except July and August (WOW).

That got me to thinking about whether my fellow Chicagoans would be game for sessions in the snow, or winter sessions at the lake... and what better way to get people inspired than to actually photograph a family to show how beautiful the winter backdrop in Chicago is?

I recruited my brother Emil's family of five on a recent 50 degree Saturday before the snow was melted, and when we knew it'd be fairly comfortable to do a shoot out at the lake.

We lucked out because there was still a gorgeous band of white along the lake, and the icy blue waters were a lovely color during the magic hour before sunset.

But we don't need a 50 degree day to photograph out in the snow, although if we can get another one with snow still on the ground, that would be amazing!

Most older kids should be fine in 30 degrees or warmer. For kids younger than 5-6 years, we'll plan to take a a warm-up break after 15 minutes. And these will be short sessions, just about 30 minutes.

Once a Snow Session is booked, I've got a lot of tricks and tips I'll share with clients to keep warm during the session. And of course, snuggling is always a good one. :-)

Email me back or call me at 773-463-5665 to schedule your Snow Session. I'm starting a list of folks interested including the dates you're available so if the winter conditions are just right, we can get out and make some winter photo magic happen. I'm ready for winter adventures with your family!

Warm wishes,


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