the jookie experience

What a jookie session is like for you

You walk in and smell cookies baking. Jill greets you with a warm hello and instantly comes down to the kids' level to welcome them one by one. You pick tea or coffee, and Jill gets that ready while you get the kids into their outfits.

Perhaps you forgot a brush or extra diapers, or maybe you need a safety pin - no problem, all of those things are on hand in the studio. With older kids, you can settle in on the couch, where you’re free to relax during the session, unless you want to jump in a shot or interact with your child.  
Before you come for the shoot, you’ve already met with Jill and planned everything - the background, the clothing. You even know where you’re probably going to display the art she's about to create in your new home. You’ve talked with Jill about your children and their personalities, and she’s ready to tailor things to them. You can trust her experience and the preparation you did with her ahead of time.

This is a day when you don’t have to be ‘on’ or manage things - Jill will take care of you. 

What it's like for your kids

The minute they come in, they sense that this is a space for them. There are colorful new things to explore, and they have plenty of time to warm up while Jill chats with them, reads their body language, and builds trust.

A jookie session has a lot in common with improv comedy - the concept of "yes, and" - a principle of acceptance and working together. Even when kids run in the opposite direction of where Jill eventually wants them, or if they start poking each other, she isn’t worried (so don’t you worry, either) - she knows how to redirect attention and steer things where they need to be.  

There’s a reason Jill wears knee pads in her sessions - she's on the floor, working and playing with the kids the whole time. She doesn’t need them to ‘cooperate,’ she creates a space for play and captures wonderful, authentic expressions along the way. Playing is what makes the session fun, and those images are exactly what you want your final artwork to be created from.  

Be prepared, some kids don’t want to leave because they’re having such a great time.  But this is a boutique experience, and no one is ever rushed out the door. Jill allows extra time for kids to play afterward with hidden toys, and she offers fun treats with your permission - like helium-filled balloons (that’s right - there’s a helium tank at jookie!) and stickers to help parents get them in their shoes and back on their way.

End to end, the experience revolves around fun, and the images show it. The next time you’re ready for portraits, the kids will be excited to come back.

Studio tour

Take a closer look at the jookie studio!

Why is a studio session ideal for kids?

  • Safety - An enclosed space built for kids, where they can wander safely in bare feet without getting too far.
  • Perfect light any time of day - In the summer, the best outdoor light might be at 7pm, right when your kids are tired and cranky.  In the studio, we can create perfect lighting whenever is best for them.
  • Temperature control - Pick the clothes you want without having to worry if it will be too hot or too cold, or whether they might get rained on.
  • Ease and privacy - Changing table and bathroom right here!
  • Variety - We can create multiple "looks" with over 20 background choices without having to spend 15 minutes moving to a new spot.
  • Predictability - We never have to reschedule because of the weather (unless it's a good, ol' Polar Vortex). There won't be three other families already photographing in the same spot.
  • Sensory friendly for kids and pets - A more controlled environment for sound & noise, and we can accommodate specific needs like using continuous lights instead of strobes (flash).

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