meet Jill

Kids are my people.”  - Jill Liebhaber

At the family get-together, you won’t find Jill inside chatting with the adults over the cheese tray. You’ll spot her in the backyard with any of her seven nieces and nephews, playing tag or skateboarding, or leading a craft project. She’s a 21st century snowboarding version of Mary Poppins. She loves being active with kids and letting them be their energetic, wonderful selves. But, like the famous nanny, she carries a bag of tricks to bring delight and surprise at exactly the right moment.  

Jill calls herself an accidental photographer. She earned a degree in painting from Northwestern and fell into working for a photo studio in Lincoln Park for five years. She opened her own studio in Lincoln Square in 2006, and everything fell into place as if it were meant to be.

Named after her oldest niece Delia’s pet guinea pig, jookie is like a home to her. In fact, kids often think it is her home because of the cozy space built specifically with them in mind. When repeat clients come, it often feels like family visiting. Community means a lot to Jill, and she’d love to have you be a part of hers.

Kids aren’t just important to Jill on the job.

Fewer than 4% of businesses make it to ten years, but jookie has been around for 13 years and counting. During that tenure, jookie has raised over $30,000 to help support and protect children and pets, both locally and internationally. Jill looks forward to continually increasing that number in the years to come.

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