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"Jill has been bringing my family's smiles to our walls since our first son was born in 2008. I can't say enough good things about the quality of the images as well as the level of service Jill provides."

- Sara B.

"Every day I walk by the amazing photos Jill took of all of us and am so grateful for the advice she gave us when I first approached her about a photo set for the 'kids' - she encouraged my husband and me to get in them."

- Letitia M.

"Jill is an amazing artist and captures my kids in a way I can't even explain. They will have these images forever to pass down to their children and to generations to come."

- Christina Y.

"I love looking at our jookie art work everytime I walk up the stairs - which is all the time. It makes me happy looking at my girls' smiling faces and remembering how much fun they had during the photoshoot. I'm so thankful we were able to capture that special moment in time, each of their individual personalities and that unique dynamic they have as sisters and that we have as a family."

-Nicole P.

"Jill made what is usually a very overwhelming experience so enjoyable. Her fun personality made everything feel natural and casual. Each time I walk by the beautiful art pieces, it brings a smile to my face. She captured my family's true personalities
which I'll cherish for years."

-Geri S.

"If you want someone to connect with your kids and show them in their truest light, Jill is your girl."

-Lucy R.

"Jill has been photographing our family every year for more than a decade, and we so cherish the beautiful and unique art, as well as the fun and the memories, that she’s given us."

-Kristin M.

"Jill really captures the true glee of our children. Every time I walk by these photos I smile and those moments in time with our kids are captured perfectly forever! Plus we all had so much fun at the photo shoot!"

-Rima L.

"The space at jookie is as welcoming, playful and fun as Jill. She didn’t rush and took the time to discover who we are as a family. These are not just photographs but art for your home with your favorite subjects."

-Dilek Y.

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