World’s First Ever Guinea Pig Model Search

World’s First Ever Guinea Pig Model Search

This past February 5th was the Chinese New Year, and 2019 is Year of the Pig, the 12th sign of the Chinese zodiac. Many of you already know that jookie the photo studio was named after a guinea pig named jookie. So in jookieland, Year of the Pig REALLY means Year of the Guinea Pig. Which is perfect timing to announce a project we started working on last summer…

That’s right… the World’s First Ever Guinea Pig Model Search!

We’ll be kicking off the first model search here at the jookie studio, probably in May/June, and then over the summer we hope to tour several Chicago neighborhoods and even head to the suburbs and beyond.

At each model search, kids and their guinea pigs will be invited to participate in a fun photo session. Our first aim is to create an awesome calendar with the top piggie models. And then we hope that this venture will lead to more awesome projects like holding another pignic and EVEN… starting a kids guinea pig club!

So what happens next? If you’re a family with guinea pigs, please consider signing up to be part of this fun project.

Or if you know families with a pet guinea pig, please help us spread the word.

Once we have the information ready for the first date of our model search the folks on our guinea pig model search sign-up list will be the FIRST to know. Keep your eye out on the jookie social media pages for more info, too!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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