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August 12th, 2018On the twelfth day of jookie | 12 Days of jookie | Chicago Photo Studio | Teen Photos


Welcome to the twelfth and FINAL day of The Twelve Days of jookie! The jookie bells will strike at midnight Sunday, August 12th, and the twelve-tide will conclude. You have the next 15ish hours to add in your comments on any of the 12 days if you haven’t already.

You can participate on the jookie Facebook page, or here on the jookie blog if you’re not on social media.

FIRST, make sure you read the basic rules at this blog post, or listed again below.

SECOND, for a chance to win a Weekday Teen Empowerment Session at our jookie studio (a $195 value) PLUS a $150 portrait credit, tell us the uniqueness your teen brings to the world that you want to help them see for him or herself.

NOTE: this session is for any SOLO kid age 13 to 19. It may also be used as a Senior Portrait Session, or for a recent high school grad who didn’t have senior portraits taken before they graduated. This special session is great at boosting a teen’s confidence and helping them see how awesome they are inside AND out.

Recommended Artwork: A stand-alone portrait of the parents’ favorite image to show in a prominent space in your home, and also as a cool metal or vinyl banner art piece of the teen’s favorite image in their room. Highlight their piece with encouraging, inspiring, empowering words that they will see daily. If your teen is a bit more reserved, create a photo book or album of their favs, and include notes from loved ones of why they admire their friend/child/student.

All basic rules apply:

If you’re on the jookie email list, you’ll have gotten a sneak preview of all 12 sessions and which days they will be posted. (Please note, we may change any of them without notice, but it’s not likely, or there will be a good reason for it.)

Want to be on the jookie email list, too? Sign up right here.


Each day, starting Wednesday, August 1st, we will post a new type of portrait session to the jookie blog and the jookie Facebook page. They will be types of sessions that Jill has photographed before: family, doggo, location, teens, tweens, toddlers, etc.


First, if you’re participating through social media. “like” and follow the jookie Facebook page. Then simply comment under any of the 12 posts that you’d like to win the session to. (“Likes” to the post won’t count, ONLY COMMENTS.)

If you’re not on Facebook, you can comment under each day’s post here on the jookie blog.

If you choose to comment on any post, your comment will signify that you have read and understood the rules as listed here on the jookie blog.


At the end of the 12 days, we will randomly draw a winner for each day. You may comment under as many days/posts/session types as you’d like to win, but only one session will be awarded per household.

Only comment under the type of session that is appropriate to your family. I.e., if you have a toddler, you can comment under any toddler or family related session type, not a tween or teen session. If you have a dog, you can comment under any dog or family related session type, not a toddler session. You get the idea!


All of the sessions will be for WEEKDAY only. Sessions and other appointments need to be booked Tuesday through Friday AS AVAILABILITY ALLOWS. jookie is by appointment only, and our general hours are Tuesday 10-7, Wednesday 10-5, Thursday 9-6, and Friday 9-5. By the photographer’s choice, some sessions may be allowed outside of those hours.

In-person consult and ordering appointments are required.

Sessions must be photographed by September 28th. They must be ordered from by October 12th or else the $150 portrait credit per session will expire.

You may choose to pay for a Saturday session (if available) and you may still receive the $150 portrait credit (but you forego the value of the weekday session fee).

You will want to book your consult and session as soon as possible. They will be booked on a first come, first served basis, and only through September 28th.

This promotion may not be combined with other special offers or promotions.

Note that some session types, like location ones, will have additional stipulations like the distance they can be redeemed from the studio. See each day’s blog post for additional details besides these.

If you have any questions about this promotion, the jookie experience, or jookie pricing, call the studio at 773-463-5665.

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I would love to win a session for my 13 yea old twin girl’s

Autumn Jung August 12, 2018


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