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April 6th, 2017Mama Bear Sessions Return! | Mother’s Day | Chicago Family Photographer


I’m one of five kids, so my mom had her hands pretty full by the time she had me (her fourth) and my little sister. Probably the last thing on her mind was taking photos of herself with her rugrats. But she wishes she had them now. And so do I. And so do my siblings.

So yeah: I really, really wish that I had some nice portraits of my mom and me together when I was little.

For some moms, it’s not having enough time for extra things. You’re just trying to get through the day getting everything done and managing a household.

For some moms, maybe you ARE taking photos, but then you are often only behind the camera. Your kids will look back and wonder why you weren’t in any photos with them. Or why they only see your face floating behind them in a group selfie attempt at an awkward angle.

Maybe your partner is capturing lots of great photos of you and the kids together… but you never actually print any of them. Which begets an interesting question: are you going to pass your hard drives down to your children when they are older? Does the technology of our youth still work now?

Or maybe you’re one of the many women I meet that I think looks amazing, gorgeous, and strong, but when I ask if you want to be in the portrait session with your kids, I find out you are feeling critical of yourself. Maybe it’s some leftover baby weight, or you just haven’t had time to get to the salon as often as you’d like, or you just don’t like how you end up looking in photos.

If you’re lucky enough to have photos of you and your mom together from when you are little, are you ever thinking, “wow, Mom sure could have hit the gym more!”?

Nope. You’re not. You’re seeing a woman among the chaos of raising a family and possibly working outside of the home… she’s probably got a huge smile on her face because she is hugging and holding her favorite little people. Happy to be a mama, proud to be your mama. You only see the woman you adore and cherish and who was always there for you.

That’s what your kids will be thinking, too.

So if you want to seize the day and finally have some lovely portraits created, I’ve got great news for you:

Mama Bear Sessions are back! I introduced these cozy sessions in 2015. They are perfect for getting cuddly, sweet images with your kiddos. Meant to be photographed in black and white (which is always very flattering!), you can also have them created in color.

Of course, portraits of moms with their kiddos can be taken ANY time of year, but with Mother’s Day around the corner, you’ve got an especially great reason to take the time to get professionally photographed. It’s YOUR holiday, and YOUR time to book your Mama Bear Session.

Email me at jill@jookiekids.com, or call the studio at 773-463-5665. I’ll get you the special pricing info, answer your questions, send you the booking page, and high five you for making this happen.

These portraits will most likely be a gift for yourself now, but years from now, they will be an irreplaceable, priceless gift to your children. And you won’t have to worry if their usb port works anymore.


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Thanks for being so thoughtful, Jill. I’d love to have another family pic with my big kids.

Ann McNamara April 13, 2017

Hi, Jill,

I’d like to schedule a portrait!

Stacey April 17, 2017


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