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February 1st, 2017Now is the time for silly serious LOVE | Valentine Photo Fundraiser | Chicago Family Photography Studio


So… what is silly serious LOVE? It’s…

…telling your spunky six year old daughter that she’s going to be a big sister and her shouting with glee some line she probably heard in a movie or cartoon,”Dreams really do come true!” in her happy, goofy way while she starts to dance in her signature get-down boogie style.

…your kids huddled together on the sofa, listening intently to their sister tell a riddle about how you get out of a house with no doors or windows*… and then one of them toots (yeah, probably your son), and they erupt into laughter and groans of “ewwww, you’re so gross!”.

…your 11 year old tween absentmindedly resting his head against your shoulder as you watch a movie on the sofa for the first time in months because he has the busiest sports schedule, him not knowing how much you’d love to cuddle with him like when he was three, all yummy in his Spider Man PJs after a fresh bath, getting ready for the 500 millionth reading of Skippyjon Jones aka Skippito Friskito before bedtime, but you don’t say anything because this moment is perfect just as it is.

…your newest family member that your kids have been begging you to get for over four years as she pushes in on you with those strong, little paws, furiously planting wet kiss after wet kiss on any part of your face she can get, and while you inhale the sweet scent of doggie fur and unconditional love, you think to yourself, “what took us so long to get you?”.

silly serious LOVE is all that and the countless everyday moments that happen in the all-too-familiar Blink of an Eye. You blink, and the moment is past, you blink, and your squishy, newly sitting 7 month old is already a 7 year old sweet & sassy girl with dreams of being a hip hop dancer that is also a professor who only wears the color lavender.

silly serious LOVE is jookie, your neighborhood family photography studio starting its second decade, named after owner Jill Liebhaber’s oldest niece Delia’s adorable pet guinea pig (with hair like Einstein except kinda orange) because who can pronounce Jill Leafhopper (or was it Leebenhobben?) Photography?

Our Valentine Open House, celebrating jookie’s new tagline “silly serious LOVE” and Fundraiser for Saving tiny Hearts Society (StHS) is the perfect antidote to the grey winter days of February when we’re longing for more sunshine, or maybe more snow, but you can’t get to San Diego or Breckenridge just yet.

We’ll be making our own sunshine, jookie-style, celebrating and encouraging some serious silly serious LOVE with:

– a hot cocoa bar and cookies (let us know in advance if your child has milk allergies!)
– crafty projects like making a cootie catcher or a jookie-the-guinea-pig puppet
– party favor bags with lots of silly serious LOVE inside
– complimentary eValentines through our snuggle photo booth for a $25 donation to Saving tiny Hearts Society: WALK-INS WELCOME!
– awesome commemorative jookie cocoa mugs for the first 12 families per day that sign up and donate ahead of time

UPDATED 2/11/17 10 PM: WHILE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY SIGN-UPS ALL BOOKED QUICKLY, WE HAVE DECIDED TO CLOSE FURTHER BOOKINGS FOR MONDAY. We will NOT be taking walk-ins Monday either – the Monday is completely cancelled.

Saturday, Feb 11th from 9 to noon

Sunday, Feb 12th from noon to 3

Monday, Feb 13th from 4 to 7

UPDATED 2/11/17 10 PM: WHILE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY SIGN-UPS ALL BOOKED QUICKLY, WE HAVE DECIDED TO CLOSE FURTHER BOOKINGS FOR MONDAY. We will NOT be taking walk-ins Monday either – the Monday is completely cancelled.

We made a day and time just right for your family! Bring your favorite people by and squish your cheeks together in the name of raising money for an awesome kids cause. Bring along a friend’s family who hasn’t been to jookie yet, too!

WALK-INS ARE WELCOME so if your ideal date/time is booked already, please still come because you can still get in on the snuggle photo action!

Schedule now!

PLUS, as if this event couldn’t be fantastic enough already, we are also offering some really cool incentives to book your next portrait session this coming March-June. It could be a session for: your new baby or pet, for your newly-turned or almost-a-teen tween, for your speedy toddler you can’t keep up with anymore, or for your updated family portraits you’ve been meaning to do the past four years because now is a great time to finally make that happen.

So don’t wait – schedule and donate now to StHS!

*answer to riddle: The only things in the house are a table and a mirror, so you look in the mirror, and then look back behind you to see what you saw. Then you take the saw and cut the table in half because two halves make a whole, and you use the hole to crawl out. Duh! 🙂



jookie, a portrait boutique, inc. 4656 N. Rockwell Street Chicago, IL 60625

A children’s, family and baby photography studio located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, created in 2006 by Jill Liebhaber, veteran Chicago kids photographer of 15 years, focused on creating custom art work for homes.

Serving nearby neighborhoods of Lakeview, Bucktown, Ravenswood, Andersonville, Edgewater, Lincoln Park, West Loop, and anywhere else people like to visit us from. We also have families who come to us for kid and family photos from LaGrange, Hinsdale, Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Elmhurst, Oak Park, etc.

We specialize in silly serious LOVE ™.


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