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January 9th, 2017New Year, New Decade, New Tag Line | silly serious LOVE | Chicago Children’s Photography Studio


jookie wrapped up its first decade of business in 2016. Admittedly, I’m pretty proud that this little engine that could… DID. Especially if it’s true that only 4% of businesses even make it to ten years. So not only is 2017 a new year for jookie, but we’re in a new decade.

We did a few things last year to celebrate our tenth anniversary including having a special poem created to honor the occasion. It was written by the insanely talented poet, cin salach, of poemgrown.com who was referred to me by several mutual acquaintances who thought we might hit it off. They were right, and I soon had the pleasure to photograph her with her beautiful boy. In turn, those images inspired a poetic love note to her son that we later paired with one of our Mother’s Day offerings.

Later in the year, I realized her artful word-smithing was just the touch we needed for our annual fall mailer (as shown above). Here is our custom made poem below in cin’s original layout:



for Jill & jookie & 10 years

Getting from here to there is never a straight line.
(What fun would that be?)

It is a path lit by one hundred lightning bugs.
A map to silly,

serious love.

North = Knock Knock.
South = One plate of chocolate chip cookies.
East = Where’s my tickle duster?
West = The one you love best.

Later, when what was born of it hangs irreplaceably on a wall, or rests prominently on a mantle, the thought may tickle that never was ever heard the sound of one shutter snapping.

Only laughter opening wider every door, youngest to oldest.


I don’t believe more perfect words could have been written about jookie. And in the core of the poem, this phrase: “silly, serious love”. Three words that together epitomize the quintessential jookie portrait and the essence of what I want to create when I’m photographing every single family with whom I work. Capturing their “silly, serious love” so I can show it back to them to feel and remember for all their days forward.

And for jookie going forward, we will hence have a new, official tag line!

silly serious LOVE ™

To celebrate the launch of our new tag line, we are planning a super fun event in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. The definite dates are still being worked out but it will be on and/or start Sat, Feb 11th from 9 to noon.

This will ALSO be our annual fundraiser for Saving tiny Hearts Society. We’ll have hot cocoa & cookies, a fun craft station, a special photo booth to create e-Valentines, new displays of cool new portrait offerings, a Spring booking promo, and – of course – a new window design showcasing our new tag line.

It’ll be a great excuse to get out of the house in the middle of winter to warm up with friends and hot chocolate at your favorite Chicago photography studio!


jookie, a portrait boutique, inc. 4656 N. Rockwell Street Chicago, IL 60625

A children’s, family and baby photography studio located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, created in 2006 by Jill Liebhaber, veteran Chicago kids photographer of 15 years, focused on creating custom art work for homes.

Serving nearby neighborhoods of Lakeview, Bucktown, Ravenswood, Andersonville, Edgewater, Lincoln Park, West Loop, and anywhere else people like to visit us from. We also have families who come to us for kid and family photos from LaGrange, Hinsdale, Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Elmhurst, Oak Park, etc.

We specialize in silly serious LOVE ™.